Paul Benedetti, Tim Currie e Kim Kierans, professores de jornalismo da King's College de Halifax, no Canadá, lançaram o livro The New Journalist: Roles, Skills, and Critical Thinking, disponíveis pela Edmond Montgomery Publications.

Os autores organizaram a coletânea em uma perspectiva crítica, apontando para habilidades essenciais para os jornalistas. Também discutem os modelos de negócios emergentes e como as mudanças tecnológicas tem reinventado o jeito de se fazer jornalismo. A proposta do livro é ter capítulos em vídeo, que em breve serão disponibilizados.

Estão disponíveis na rede dois capítulos para avaliação: What’s a Good Story? Recognizing Quality in Journalists’ Work, de Ivor Shapiro e, Structure and Story Online, de Paul Benedetti.

Segue o sumário:

Introduction: Why Study Journalism Now? (Mary McGuire)

PART ONE: Thinking About Journalism
New Challenges for Journalism in the 21st Century (Alfred Hermida)
The Journalist and the Audience (Mathew Ingram)
Missing the Link: How the Internet Is Saving Journalism (David Eaves and Taylor Owen)
Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable (Clay Shirky)
From the Business of Journalism to Journalism as Business: 1990 to the Present (Mike Gasher)
Sustainable News Models for a Digital Age (Donna Logan and Darryl Korell)
What’s a Good Story? Recognizing Quality in Journalists’ Work (Ivor Shapiro)

PART TWO: Roles and Skills in the Digital Age
Roles and Skills for Cross-Platform Reporting (Tim Currie)
The Journalist as Critical Thinker (Paul Benedetti and Kim Kierans)
Practical Research and Web Navigation Skills (Kelly Toughill and Fred Vallance-Jones)
Developing Story Ideas (Shane Holladay)
Reporting Basics: Accuracy, Precision, and Balance (Rick MacLean)
Structure and Story Online (Paul Benedetti)
Interviewing in the Digital Age (Jennifer Wilson-Speedy)
The Beat Reporter (Various Authors)

PART THREE: Social Media and Multimedia
Social Media (Lisa Lynch)
Blog to the Future: Telling Digital Stories in the Post-9/11 Decade (Vinita Srivastava) —
Video (coming soon)
Working with Photography and Video (Frank O’Connor and Tyler Anderson) — Video (coming soon)
Convergence Journalism: Audio (Karen Zypchyn) — Video (coming soon)
Web-only appendix: Editing Audio with "Audacity" (coming soon)
Data Visualizations and Interactives (Tim Currie) — Video (coming soon)

PART FOUR: Responsibilities
Ethics for the New Mainstream (Stephen J.A. Ward)
Libel, Journalists, and the Online World (Dean Jobb)
Surviving and Thriving in Journalism (David Beers)

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